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Student laptop rental

Student laptop rental

Student laptop rental

Student laptop rental is ideal if you don’t want to spend a large amount in one go, or – in case of Swaptop – want to make use of a sustainable and carefree IT experience. The laptops that Swaptop rents out are HP EliteBook Business models that we repair and refurbish ourselves.

Swaptop rents out laptops for 3 main reasons:

  • Work carefree

    Not a whiz kid when it comes to laptops? We are! You can rent a laptop from us for optimal convenience. We install, maintain, repair and do all this in your region. Got issues with your rented laptop? Don’t worry, we will swap the old for a new one within 48 hours.

  • Appropriate power

    As a student nowadays, you need a fast and reliable laptop. The laptops from Swaptop come with fully updated Windows 10, Office (from Libre) so you can work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and the guarantee that you can work with these programs quickly and efficiently.

  • A sustainable future

    Building a new laptop will produce 350 kg of CO2 per laptop. We believe in laptop rental because when you don’t need your laptop anymore you simply return it to us. We will make the computer like new again and will rent it out to a new student. This way the lifecycle of a laptop will be much longer and we can reduce the production of laptops.


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Why rent a laptop from Swaptop

Need a laptop for your study? Or is your current laptop broken down? Swaptop rents out quality laptops for a fixed amount per month. Lifetime warranty during your rental period, in case of problems you will simply receive a replacement within 48 hours. Swaptop meets all modern requirements of a student laptop. Stable, lightweight and therefore ideal to use.

  • Performance when needed

    Fast i5 processor, SSD harddisk, 8GB Ram and the newest Windows 10 updates.

  • Lightweight, robustly built

    As a student you rarely work in the same place for a long time. When you rent a laptop, it is therefore important that the laptop is robustly built and this is done with light materials so that you can move the laptop with ease. With a carrying weight of only 1,330 grams, Swaptop is extremely suitable for this.


More information about Swaptop; rent a laptop for students?

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Computer voor ouderen

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Wat kost dat?

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per maand

Swaptop HP 14 inch Windows 10!

  • Levenslang garantie, altijd een werkende laptop

    Mankeert je laptop iets? Dan Swappen we je laptop binnen 48 uur! Zo sta jij nooit lang stil en heb je altijd een werkende laptop!

  • Met flexibel abonnement zit je nergens aan vast

    Minimaal 3 maanden lidmaatschap, daarna maandelijks opzegbaar. No questions asked!

  • Altijd voordelig geprijsd, altijd de beste service

    Bij Swaptop geloven we in eerlijke prijzen en denken we altijd graag met je mee. Je hebt zo al een HP laptop vanaf €19,- per maand!

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